I’m happy to announce that Shortcuts JS finally has a proper home!

Say hello to !

The only real source of information on the library before now was the README on GitHub, so I’m really happy to have a better looking place to send people who want to learn more…


I created a library that allows you to create Shortcuts using JavaScript. You can find it on npm as , and find the documentation on .

Note: Some images in this post refer to the library as just shortcuts-js, however the library can actually be found at .

A simple Shortcut, built with Shortcuts JS

Why Build This?

Since the…

Since the release of iOS 12, I’ve gone all-in on Shortcuts. I was never a big Workflow user (the company Apple aquired and turned into Shortcuts), but the addition of system-level actions, as well as the public commitment from Apple that Shortcuts is here to stay, convinced me to spend…

An example of left-over debug code in a commit

Checking the diff of the code that you’re about to commit is a good habit to get into, and it’s something I try do before committing any changes to the project I’m working on.

Inevitably, however, debug code does slip through the cracks. I can’t tell you the number of…

I write a lot of CSS. If you’d have come to me a few years ago and asked me how to write good CSS I wouldn’t have been able to tell you — I’d have told you to come back in a couple of years and ask me again, I’d…

The topic of Emoji domains has been back in the news recently, with , and you may be wondering how you can get hold of one for yourself. There are a few guides out there which outline how to register an Emoji domain, however they’re all…

Josh Farrant

Full stack JavaScript developer based in Birmingham, UK. 👨🏻‍💻🧞‍👨🏻‍✈️⛷

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